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She say: Family Ties

Family is easy. When I say that I mean that it is easy to love your mother, father, sister, brother or those who are directly tied to you. But is that our only mission as good people? Do we have an obligation to reach out and touch others…Well my family did it….

When I say that I am in no way bragging on my family because honey dear we put “D” in dysfunctional but when we were at our lowest as a family because of my nephew being killed in  a car- jacking… we still reached out. We reached out to a little one… an innocent baby who was neglected and ignored by her biological mother but came to be loved by us…the people who had no biological ties to her. Now 7 years later she is an amazing kid full of surprises and talents.

I truly believe that we are all tied to each other in some way or another…whether it is the person on your job who gets on your last nerve every day…they are tied to your destiny to be strong and to overcome obstacles…. So we have to reach beyond those comfortable places where we often “hide” and forget that there are people who need to be tied and helped by exceptional  people just like you.


He Say: Family Ties

Circumstances change people. Those same circumstances make u make decisions. U heard it in Sunday school. U heard it in Bible Study. U heard it during Sunday morning church services, “love thy neighbours as thy love thy self”. Hold up he/she didn’t tell me they had a problem. If they can get it like u can.. wait that’s my neighbor. I didn’t wake up looking to change things. This is too close to home. Grandma loved everybody. She fed everybody. Dang she didn’t have no salary.. Ah ha she was paid in love..

 I Know now.. I was born to live for my neighbor. My success motivates them. They look to me for guidance. But hell they didn’t tell me that.. oh alright they didn’t tell grandmom either “she just knew”…..

He Say, She Say

When it all comes down to it. It is all about men and women. The interaction. The relationships. The friendships. And in most cases, one compliments the other. Join us for a journey of two people: one is a man and one is a woman as we share, encourage, inspire and force you to think beyond your comfort zone. Welcome to he say. she say.

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