Open Up

by Doc

Trusting  others is one of the hardest things a man or woman has to do on a daily basis. Relationships fail due to broken trust. Unfortunately, the way the world was made and the way we were created, you and I will always have to trust and depend on someone.  Oftentimes, we shy away from joining new networks of people because we don’t feel comfortable trusting strangers. Our social upbringing has influenced how we interact with others. In some dominate social classes, networking is taught from early childhood ages. Yet in not so dominate social classes, one learns to keep circles of friends short and close for safety reasons. That explains why some are social butterflies and others are reserved and guarded when meeting new people. If you grew up in the perfect family structure, great! If you grew up in a dysfunctional family, great! Don’t allow your upbringing to preclude you from your destiny. Part of fulfilling our destiny is being in community with others, learning, growing, relating and trusting.

Most of us have been burned by someone we’ve confided in and divulged our innermost thoughts and personal imperfections and ultimately it left us with baggage to carry through life.  Now is time to stop! Don’t limit your capabilities because you’re not connected to enough people. If you’re a small minded person with small dreams continue remain in small circles of individuals with small dreams. If you’re a visionary with big dreams, open up your circle. Your knowledge was placed divinely within you! Your trials, tribulations, mishaps, and family dysfunctions were just for you!  The world has need of your vision. The neighborhood has need of your triumphs. Loosen up the harness so that what’s in you will explode. Stop making excuses because you feel you aren’t personable enough.  Embrace that personality because God designed it just for you!  It’s time to take the top off of what you’ve been sitting on.

Yes, you’ve been sitting on you.

We’re all imperfect beings and frequently man will disappoint us. Part of learning to trust others is becoming vulnerable enough to take the risk of being disappointed.  Don’t continue to make excuses for why you haven’t began or started back doing what the creator has already given you the okay to do because someone has disappointed you. Get up! Get out there. I warn you that it won’t be easy! None of us are exempt from setbacks, turmoil, and roadblocks. We are all one step away from a potential CATASTROPHE but there is rest for the weary on this side of heaven. When you want to put all your faith and trust in something, when the burdens you bear seem too hard to manage, just look up, stay up and pray up until Calvary comes.

Be not dismayed! Help is on the way. Get going! It’s time for you to open up…

Have you allowed past disappointments to hold you back from taking the next step? What will it take for you to expand your network?