She Say: 2 fish. 5 loaves. no faith

by Doc

Once again I was caught up in the moment…Grumbling about this and mad about that….Feeling a little empty and that my two cents wasn’t worth a dime to anyone else…Having another pity party but HE didn’t RSVP to my dinner for two (me and my pity that is)…HE never does and then as easily as I sat there and made everything about ME and that one little moment… And as I lingered in my rapture and stumbled around what I thought was darkness…I got a call and just like that I was given another chance to do great things and talk to influential people…Then I thought to myself: Five loaves and two fish. No faith.

Lesson 1:

We have all heard the amazing occurrence when Jesus took 2 fish and 5 loaves of bread and fed it to thousands of people….Heck there were even leftovers after everyone had eaten… And with each day he gives us 2 fish and 5 loaves….And even though we grumble and worry about this and that and who got what…IT IS ALWAYS ENOUGH…He gives you what you need exactly when you need it…It is always enough to get the job that you want..To pursue any dream that you may have…whether it is starting a new business or finding the right man or just being happy…Let your heart and mind be fed by what he gives you to work with.

Lesson 2:

So he fed all of these people with what seem like a “small” amount of food. He nourish not only their bodies but their spirits as well…So every day that I wake up and start the day…He hands me the 5 loaves and 2 fish… And when I don’t believe that I can do something or I doubt my capabilities then I doubt the miraculous nature of Jesus’ fish and bread. I am questioning the power of what I can do with the small beginnings that he bestows upon me…that can lead to greater things…influential things…miraculous things… So every time I ignore the fish and the bread I ignore my vision and I get lost in the darkness.. and I have to replenish my faith…


My challenge:

So I challenge you to take your fish and your bread and be the great souls that you are. Start small and but do BIG things! Do not despise small beginnings.