He Say: 2 Fish. 5 Loaves.

by Doc

The lights are a little dim. Why do I need bright lights to see? Have I not had enough rainy situations to know that the sun (son) will always shine after rain. I imagine if I was a part of the multitude that I would be suffering from anxiety because of all the people and not enough to eat.


The multitude followed Jesus by faith because they believed he was the Messiah. If I were one of the disciples I would have also been encouraging Jesus to send the multitude away into town so they could buy food. Jesus knew what I did not know whether I was a disciple or a part of the multitude. He took two fish and five barley loaves to feed five thousand..

Lesson one: Why do we always grumble about our circumstances? Have we not been in tight situations before? Have we not been in a situation that we could no longer rely on our own personal know-how? The disciples walked with Jesus seeing miracles first hand but they wanted to send the multitude away because of lack of food. Why do you continue to doubt victory in tough situations after you been a miracle yourself and lived to tell about it?

Lesson two: Out of all the people in the crowd, there was a little person in age and stature that posess two fish and five loaves. God could have given the two fish and five loaves to any adult but he chose a little person. You see we are all relevant. No matter your stature or your financial place in society. God can take small things, little people, tight situations and make big blessings. He gives you a little bit but it is really is a lot. Have you ever wondered why you were happier with less than you were with a lot? How did you learn to stretch that little? 

Challenge: I challenge you the next time you’re in a tight situation to ask God to just bless you with two fish and five loaves. Watch the big blessing from a tight situation..