She say: Looking at your grass is so much greener…

by Doc

Good morning neighbor.I was looking in your yard this morning and I noticed that your grass looks so much greener and prettier than mine. I am always looking and admiring your yard and your house and your family and your children and your six-figure job and your pretty clothes and your lovely shoes. Well you know that I live alone. I watch you and them everyday. You look so happy especially when you are talking to your hubby. I wish I had that same happiness in my yard. In my life.  No don’t ask me about my yard because no matter how much I work on it, it just never seems to grow like yours. It never seems like my grass is growing and flourishing like the flowers in your yard. The lady who live next door to you she has some beautiful grass too. As a matter of fact everyone on our street has really glamorous yards…except me…Even though others have commented on how great it looks…I don’t see what they see when I look at my grass…Just not green enough…Everyone around me has better grass…They got this in their yard and they got that kinda’ expensive car in their driveway but I park my car in the garage because I am ashamed of it. Always looking at what every else got because I don’t like or appreciate me..Never valuing my self-worth…my talents…the things that I have…green grass…Well thanks for listening to me talk about my grass…but in my opinion….your-grass-is-still-greener-than-mine.