He say: I have been looking for you

by Doc

I have been looking for you! So, where did you go? Wow! How could you just leave me like that? You already know I haven’t done anything to you. Why would you just walk away? I mean, how could you just leave me standing here after I got dressed up to spend time with you? Is he better looking than me? Did he promise you a life time commitment? You probably like her because she has long hair. I went out and got extensions in my hair for that reason. I wanted you to notice me too. I am really just as smart as him. Heck, I even work harder than him/her. You know what, after being up all night waiting on you, I have given up on you. I might just go by a bar and drink until I can’t see you anymore in my thoughts. Better yet, I might just roll one up and smoke myself to sleep. Hold up! Jesus said “come unto me all who are burden and heavy laden and I shall give you rest”. That means I need to stop measuring my success by someone else success. What God has for me is for me! Success should be measured by how much difference I make in the life of others. Money does not spell success! Job titles does not spell success! The last time I checked, you fed the hungry. That was success! The last time I checked, you opened your home to a family member that was having a hard time. That was success! The last time I checked, you mentored a young person that was giving up on life. That was success! So the next time you begin to think success eludes you and you decide to go looking for her. Stop! Take a minute to go look in the mirror. That is where you will find success. It will be staring back at you. Why will it be staring back at you? Silly! You are success! You are the epitome of success! Just know that your already successful and it does not have to be tied into your accomplishments. Now stand up and start walking, talking, and living like the successful person you are!