She say: Follow the music

by Doc

Recently I attended some of the events for the Savannah Music Festival. Two years in a row. But the surprising thing about my attendance was that it was neither planned or researched. I didn’t Google the musicians and each event I attended was a last minute decision.


I thought about knowing ahead of time the name, type of music, etc… But I fought the urge to be in control…I decided to follow the music. I allowed each musician to lead me with their melodies. Just going blindly…tapping my fingers and swaying as I discovered the newness of each song that I have never heard before. And with each event, I found myself inspired and surprised by how great it was to NOT KNOW THE OUTCOME. Each time I left feeling free and creative.


Today I challenge you to follow the music….turn away from the inhibitions of your planned (minute by minute) days…do something that you didn’t think of until today…. and don’t get it twisted – it doesn’t have to be something large or great in thought and time. It could be something as simple as trying a new type of food for lunch or trying a totally different color lipstick. Does everything in your closet have to be brown, gray and black (get some color about yourself!)?


So think about it and then just do it..don’t complicate it..before you make an excuse HUSH…and follow the music.