He Say: Listen to the Music

by Doc

I been following the music a long time. Structured discipline is needed in every arena. But sometimes with too much program u can program urself out of a blessing. I’m listening to the music. I hears the drums. Oh wait I hear the horns. Oh wait what is that , oh that’s me listening to the music note by note. I allow my mind to overshadow the lyrics substituting with creativity of the sound. Yeh blues my be ur thing. Oh wait rock might be ur thing. Hold up it reminds me of an old blues sound. Oh I get it, listening to the invitation of the music my is allow to tune in. Hold up I never heard that sound. What there name again. There I go trying to define the music. Stop that right now! Just listen! Relax! Anticipate! There you go, now ur vibin cuz u are now listening to the music. Now ur relaxed. Yeh its talking to me. A bridge to my infinite intelligence. All because now; I have learned to listen to the music……