Get up, stay up and move up in your day to day thinking!

Open Up

Open Up.


Open Up

Trusting  others is one of the hardest things a man or woman has to do on a daily basis. Relationships fail due to broken trust. Unfortunately, the way the world was made and the way we were created, you and I will always have to trust and depend on someone.  Oftentimes, we shy away from joining new networks of people because we don’t feel comfortable trusting strangers. Our social upbringing has influenced how we interact with others. In some dominate social classes, networking is taught from early childhood ages. Yet in not so dominate social classes, one learns to keep circles of friends short and close for safety reasons. That explains why some are social butterflies and others are reserved and guarded when meeting new people. If you grew up in the perfect family structure, great! If you grew up in a dysfunctional family, great! Don’t allow your upbringing to preclude you from your destiny. Part of fulfilling our destiny is being in community with others, learning, growing, relating and trusting.

Most of us have been burned by someone we’ve confided in and divulged our innermost thoughts and personal imperfections and ultimately it left us with baggage to carry through life.  Now is time to stop! Don’t limit your capabilities because you’re not connected to enough people. If you’re a small minded person with small dreams continue remain in small circles of individuals with small dreams. If you’re a visionary with big dreams, open up your circle. Your knowledge was placed divinely within you! Your trials, tribulations, mishaps, and family dysfunctions were just for you!  The world has need of your vision. The neighborhood has need of your triumphs. Loosen up the harness so that what’s in you will explode. Stop making excuses because you feel you aren’t personable enough.  Embrace that personality because God designed it just for you!  It’s time to take the top off of what you’ve been sitting on.

Yes, you’ve been sitting on you.

We’re all imperfect beings and frequently man will disappoint us. Part of learning to trust others is becoming vulnerable enough to take the risk of being disappointed.  Don’t continue to make excuses for why you haven’t began or started back doing what the creator has already given you the okay to do because someone has disappointed you. Get up! Get out there. I warn you that it won’t be easy! None of us are exempt from setbacks, turmoil, and roadblocks. We are all one step away from a potential CATASTROPHE but there is rest for the weary on this side of heaven. When you want to put all your faith and trust in something, when the burdens you bear seem too hard to manage, just look up, stay up and pray up until Calvary comes.

Be not dismayed! Help is on the way. Get going! It’s time for you to open up…

Have you allowed past disappointments to hold you back from taking the next step? What will it take for you to expand your network?

He Say: 2 Fish. 5 Loaves.

He Say: 2 Fish. 5 Loaves..

She Say: 2 fish. 5 loaves. no faith

Once again I was caught up in the moment…Grumbling about this and mad about that….Feeling a little empty and that my two cents wasn’t worth a dime to anyone else…Having another pity party but HE didn’t RSVP to my dinner for two (me and my pity that is)…HE never does and then as easily as I sat there and made everything about ME and that one little moment… And as I lingered in my rapture and stumbled around what I thought was darkness…I got a call and just like that I was given another chance to do great things and talk to influential people…Then I thought to myself: Five loaves and two fish. No faith.

Lesson 1:

We have all heard the amazing occurrence when Jesus took 2 fish and 5 loaves of bread and fed it to thousands of people….Heck there were even leftovers after everyone had eaten… And with each day he gives us 2 fish and 5 loaves….And even though we grumble and worry about this and that and who got what…IT IS ALWAYS ENOUGH…He gives you what you need exactly when you need it…It is always enough to get the job that you want..To pursue any dream that you may have…whether it is starting a new business or finding the right man or just being happy…Let your heart and mind be fed by what he gives you to work with.

Lesson 2:

So he fed all of these people with what seem like a “small” amount of food. He nourish not only their bodies but their spirits as well…So every day that I wake up and start the day…He hands me the 5 loaves and 2 fish… And when I don’t believe that I can do something or I doubt my capabilities then I doubt the miraculous nature of Jesus’ fish and bread. I am questioning the power of what I can do with the small beginnings that he bestows upon me…that can lead to greater things…influential things…miraculous things… So every time I ignore the fish and the bread I ignore my vision and I get lost in the darkness.. and I have to replenish my faith…


My challenge:

So I challenge you to take your fish and your bread and be the great souls that you are. Start small and but do BIG things! Do not despise small beginnings.


He Say: 2 Fish. 5 Loaves.

The lights are a little dim. Why do I need bright lights to see? Have I not had enough rainy situations to know that the sun (son) will always shine after rain. I imagine if I was a part of the multitude that I would be suffering from anxiety because of all the people and not enough to eat.


The multitude followed Jesus by faith because they believed he was the Messiah. If I were one of the disciples I would have also been encouraging Jesus to send the multitude away into town so they could buy food. Jesus knew what I did not know whether I was a disciple or a part of the multitude. He took two fish and five barley loaves to feed five thousand..

Lesson one: Why do we always grumble about our circumstances? Have we not been in tight situations before? Have we not been in a situation that we could no longer rely on our own personal know-how? The disciples walked with Jesus seeing miracles first hand but they wanted to send the multitude away because of lack of food. Why do you continue to doubt victory in tough situations after you been a miracle yourself and lived to tell about it?

Lesson two: Out of all the people in the crowd, there was a little person in age and stature that posess two fish and five loaves. God could have given the two fish and five loaves to any adult but he chose a little person. You see we are all relevant. No matter your stature or your financial place in society. God can take small things, little people, tight situations and make big blessings. He gives you a little bit but it is really is a lot. Have you ever wondered why you were happier with less than you were with a lot? How did you learn to stretch that little? 

Challenge: I challenge you the next time you’re in a tight situation to ask God to just bless you with two fish and five loaves. Watch the big blessing from a tight situation..

She say: Looking at your grass is so much greener…

Good morning neighbor.I was looking in your yard this morning and I noticed that your grass looks so much greener and prettier than mine. I am always looking and admiring your yard and your house and your family and your children and your six-figure job and your pretty clothes and your lovely shoes. Well you know that I live alone. I watch you and them everyday. You look so happy especially when you are talking to your hubby. I wish I had that same happiness in my yard. In my life.  No don’t ask me about my yard because no matter how much I work on it, it just never seems to grow like yours. It never seems like my grass is growing and flourishing like the flowers in your yard. The lady who live next door to you she has some beautiful grass too. As a matter of fact everyone on our street has really glamorous yards…except me…Even though others have commented on how great it looks…I don’t see what they see when I look at my grass…Just not green enough…Everyone around me has better grass…They got this in their yard and they got that kinda’ expensive car in their driveway but I park my car in the garage because I am ashamed of it. Always looking at what every else got because I don’t like or appreciate me..Never valuing my self-worth…my talents…the things that I have…green grass…Well thanks for listening to me talk about my grass…but in my opinion….your-grass-is-still-greener-than-mine.

He say: I have been looking for you

I have been looking for you! So, where did you go? Wow! How could you just leave me like that? You already know I haven’t done anything to you. Why would you just walk away? I mean, how could you just leave me standing here after I got dressed up to spend time with you? Is he better looking than me? Did he promise you a life time commitment? You probably like her because she has long hair. I went out and got extensions in my hair for that reason. I wanted you to notice me too. I am really just as smart as him. Heck, I even work harder than him/her. You know what, after being up all night waiting on you, I have given up on you. I might just go by a bar and drink until I can’t see you anymore in my thoughts. Better yet, I might just roll one up and smoke myself to sleep. Hold up! Jesus said “come unto me all who are burden and heavy laden and I shall give you rest”. That means I need to stop measuring my success by someone else success. What God has for me is for me! Success should be measured by how much difference I make in the life of others. Money does not spell success! Job titles does not spell success! The last time I checked, you fed the hungry. That was success! The last time I checked, you opened your home to a family member that was having a hard time. That was success! The last time I checked, you mentored a young person that was giving up on life. That was success! So the next time you begin to think success eludes you and you decide to go looking for her. Stop! Take a minute to go look in the mirror. That is where you will find success. It will be staring back at you. Why will it be staring back at you? Silly! You are success! You are the epitome of success! Just know that your already successful and it does not have to be tied into your accomplishments. Now stand up and start walking, talking, and living like the successful person you are!

he say: I am glad he gave me

Why are you talking to me? I really didn’t want your advise. In actuality, I had already made up my mind. You see I had already analyzed the situation based how I was treated. I believe in an “eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth”. I would not treat anybody like that and they deserve to suffer too. You ask me , what I would gain from retaliation. Well it would make me feel a lot better inside. No I wont feel bad afterwards! What happens after that? Well, life goes on. I don’t want to let it go! I never did anything to them but that didn’t matter to them. I understand but your still not that person. you don’t have to replace ugly with ugly. Jesus suffered and he did no wrong. As a matter of fact he died that we might live. He didn’t have to. He said take up your cross and follow him. “Revenge is mine said the lord”. It takes a great individual to not retaliate against someone who has wronged you. You would have regrets because its out of your character. Do not let anyone take away from who you are. Forgive in spite of! You know what, ” I am glad God gave me a conscious”. I will take your advise before I do something I will regret.

He Say: Listen to the Music

I been following the music a long time. Structured discipline is needed in every arena. But sometimes with too much program u can program urself out of a blessing. I’m listening to the music. I hears the drums. Oh wait I hear the horns. Oh wait what is that , oh that’s me listening to the music note by note. I allow my mind to overshadow the lyrics substituting with creativity of the sound. Yeh blues my be ur thing. Oh wait rock might be ur thing. Hold up it reminds me of an old blues sound. Oh I get it, listening to the invitation of the music my is allow to tune in. Hold up I never heard that sound. What there name again. There I go trying to define the music. Stop that right now! Just listen! Relax! Anticipate! There you go, now ur vibin cuz u are now listening to the music. Now ur relaxed. Yeh its talking to me. A bridge to my infinite intelligence. All because now; I have learned to listen to the music……

She say: Follow the music

Recently I attended some of the events for the Savannah Music Festival. Two years in a row. But the surprising thing about my attendance was that it was neither planned or researched. I didn’t Google the musicians and each event I attended was a last minute decision.


I thought about knowing ahead of time the name, type of music, etc… But I fought the urge to be in control…I decided to follow the music. I allowed each musician to lead me with their melodies. Just going blindly…tapping my fingers and swaying as I discovered the newness of each song that I have never heard before. And with each event, I found myself inspired and surprised by how great it was to NOT KNOW THE OUTCOME. Each time I left feeling free and creative.


Today I challenge you to follow the music….turn away from the inhibitions of your planned (minute by minute) days…do something that you didn’t think of until today…. and don’t get it twisted – it doesn’t have to be something large or great in thought and time. It could be something as simple as trying a new type of food for lunch or trying a totally different color lipstick. Does everything in your closet have to be brown, gray and black (get some color about yourself!)?


So think about it and then just do it..don’t complicate it..before you make an excuse HUSH…and follow the music.